Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Listo-mania (which is not a disease...)

(For my dear, sweet niece, who is getting taller... :)
1. State eleven things about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions you were asked.
3. Write eleven questions for somebody else.

1.  I don't like seasons were the sun isn't a major player.

2.  I used to have a nice body (sad sigh...)
3.  I have 7 students named McKenzie... all are spelled has an x in it. (Don't think about it or your brain will explode)
4.  I just learned that I like babies.
5.  I hate presidential election years.  It really messes up fall T.V.  Stupid Debates...
6.  I just read a students paper about stress.  She wrote about when she was kidnapped for 2 months.  I'm now scared of crazies.
7.  I am growing new hair.  I lost a lot after baby jump-jump was born and had a receding hairline which was not good on the self esteem, but it's slowly growing back.
8.  I have dreams about dead people.
9.  For the love, I adore whacko hurricanes.  Keep the pictures coming!!   People, if they tell you to evacuate, effing evacuate.  Honestly....
10.  I have students who are PDA-holes.
11.  I would like to have lunch with Sting, Jimmy Buffett or Brandon Flowers.  Or a personal Yoga class/massage session/concert with Sting. 

Eleven questions.
1. Right brain or left brain? - Both, but more right.
2. If you could make one season twice as long as the rest, which one would it be? - Are you high?  SUMMER of course.
3. Have you met your spouse yet?  Yep.  When I was 15.
4. Why adenosinetriphosphate? Why not guanosinetriphosphate?  Stupid phosphates... who needs em?
5. Would you rather have the ability to rewind ten seconds or fastforward three days of your life?  Depends - did I just say something stupid or is it finals week?
6. The first acceptable day to listen to Christmas music?  Whenever.  Kurt Bestor and the Carpenters are always listenable.
7. Favorite winter squash? Butternut
8. Where do you see yourself in eight months?  Getting a tan teaching summer semester to a bunch of high students
9. Quirky habit/OCD tendency?  Marja and rugs are OCD.  Who doesn't have quirky habits?
10. How much sleep did you get last night? 8.5 - I sleep like a baby these days.
11. On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are these questions? 10

11 new questions:
1.  What is the worst holiday?
2.  The Rolling Stones or the Beatles?
3.  If you could have lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
4.  Which is the best channel for news - 2, 4, 5, or 13?
5.  Should they make another Star Wars?
6.  Best movie?
7.  Best vacation?
8.  Most scared you have ever been....
9.  Does Google Earth creep you out?
10.  Should clothing be optional in class?
11.  Where would you put a tattoo?

HAPPY ANSWERING!!  (Thanks Jess!)


  1. bahaha. Thanks. :) I especially adore your question number nine. RIGHT? Stalkers...

  2. I love these things! They make me laugh Every time! :0)